Hours and Rates - Effective 5/1/18


We work by appointment Monday thru Saturday.
Morning, Afternoon and Evening


Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Associate Therapist Rates

One Hour Massage - $85.00 plus tax*
Half Hour Massage - $45.00 plus tax*
One & Half Hour Massage - $135.00 plus tax*

Senior Therapist and Manual Lymph Drainage Rates (MLD)

One Hour Massage or MLD - $100.00 plus tax*
Half Hour Massage or MLD - $50.00 plus tax*
One & Half Hour Massage or MLD - $150.00 plus tax*

*If you have a script from a doctor or note from a chiropractor you don't have to pay sales tax.

Additional Services

Hot Stones additional - $20.00
House call minimum additional - $40.00 (may be more depending on location)

Please call for an appointment or gift certificate: 908-534-1930.

Our fees are due at time of service.  Upon request at the time of service we can provide receipts for medical expense account reimbursement or tax purposes*. Although it is rare that health insurance covers therapeutic massage sometimes medical expense accounts will reimburse massage fees* especially if the patient has a prescription from an MD. (*The patient must consult their tax advisor to see if therapeutic massage is a deductible expense and their health insurance company to see if they will be reimbursed from their medical expense account.)


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